Design. Inspire. Elevate. 

These are the tenants on which Dodstone Architects was founded. When we opened our doors in 2006, we knew there was an opportunity to partner with clients and concertedly move toward solutions. The journey from project conception to completion can be an ominous one; being able to assist our clients in that quest became our core value from the start.

Our process is a product of our culture: we are committed to collaboration and applying appropriate solutions to unique architectural problems. Our passion is creative problem-solving that inspires exceptional built work. This process of exploration and discovery relies on consistent collaboration and communication with our design team and client for continuous improvement. This spirit of communication fosters the kind of innovative thinking that turns challenging projects into engaging, functional spaces for our clients.

In the end, our projects are authentic, responsive to their environment, sustainable, and resourceful - a tangible result of our critical thinking and thoughtful approach to the practice of architecture.

Dodstone Architects License #AR0015211

3011-1 Powell Road Tallahassee, FL 32308


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