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Alliance Center

The Alliance Center is a 90,000 SF mixed-use building in downtown Tallahassee that incorporates office, retail, parking, and 13 live/work units within six floors. The DodStone Group worked closely with the City of Tallahassee and the building owner to ensure that the building satisfied their vision of creating an “18-hour downtown.”

The Alliance Center replaced approximately 120 feet of existing storefront along Monroe Street. The focus of the design was to create a building that was functional, fit contextually into downtown, and provided a vibrant area at street level to encourage pedestrian interaction. Interior aesthetics incorporated the paintings of local artist Paul Tamanian as wall surfaces.



The expansive glazing of the Cornerview Building creates improved views, wayfinding, and daylighting. Building orientation, high-performance glass, and solar shades minimize the solar heat gain incurred and reduces glare. Although the owner chose not to pursue LEED certification due to the cost of commissioning, the project as designed would have achieved a LEED Silver certification.
Cornerview is the first Tallahassee large-scale implementation of a raised access floor system with underfloor air. This system, along with the use of demountable walls, will dramatically reduce the turn-around time between tenants and allow existing tenants to easily reconfigure to meet their needs.


DFS Summit East

Located in the Summit East Technology Park, this new site, building, and interior project serves the Department of Financial Services.
The building is designed to harmonize with the existing development and includes offices, conference rooms, break rooms, and huddle spaces to support an interactive culture and fuel productivity. Expansive windows and glass curtain walls were used in every opportunity to take advantage of natural daylight and capitalize on the surrounding views.

Dodstone led the design/build team through an expedited process, going from blank page to completed documents in 60 days. By using our innovative design concepts of using metal buildings, we were able to save the client time and money - while still delivering great design.


Driftwood Inn

Steeped in romance and history, the Driftwood Inn has welcomed families to the pristine sands of Mexico Beach for almost 50 years. 2018 brought the devastation of Hurricane Michael to the area, destroying much of the town, including the hotel.

With renewed hope, owners Tom and Peggy Wood have begun to rebuild their dream. Dodstone Architects has worked with the Woods throughout the design process to ensure the Driftwood not only returns to its former glory, but provides even more accessibility, treasured ocean views, and accommodations.



Florida Commerce Credit Union Administrative Headquarters occupies approximately 45,000 SF of the Cornerview Building in the Summit East Development. The credit union approached DodStone looking to develop a space plan that could accommodate their fast-growing administrative needs. The goal was to create a secure, functional, and pleasant working environment that could be reconfigured easily to meet the changing needs of each department. The criteria was satisfied successfully through the implementation of demountable walls, modular furniture, a raised access floor system, and logical space planning techniques.


FCCU Capital Branch

The First Commerce Credit Union Capital Branch project consisted of the design and renovation of an existing historic storefront in downtown Tallahassee on College Avenue. DodStone Group worked closely with the owner to update the building, reconfigure the interior floor plan to better meet their needs, and rebrand the exterior of the building to reflect the "high techy" image of the credit union. The design included an LED lit glass canopy that subtly illuminates the area at night for an aesthetically appealing security feature.


FCCU Valdosta

Dodstone Architects has helped First Commerce Credit Union (FCCU) develop a new prototype for their retail banking services, implementing these designs across Tallahassee, Thomasville, and Valdosta.



The FedEx Ground Distribution Center is a 126,000 SF facility located in the Summit East technology office park in Tallahassee, FL. The facility consists of 5,000 SF of administration offices including a training room and a 120,000 SF automated distribution facility. The project features tilt wall construction and was designed to be the equivalent of LEED certified.



The Hillside building is a 60,000 SF office building that was originally intended to be the corporate headquarters for a local company; their program included a call center, production booths for recording, a data center, a huge human resource area to accommodate their staff, a marketing department, and an administrative suite. The building was designed with open spaces that could easily be reconfigured to accommodate the estimated future growth of the company.
Since the completion of the building's construction, DodStone Group has taken on many tenant build-out projects in the facility, reconfiguring the interior of the Hillside Building to fit each new clients' individual needs.



The flagship building of the Summit East Technology Park, Mainline has been recognized for its innovative environment that actively supports and enhances workplace satisfaction, productivity, and success of the people utilizing its space. The interior takes full advantage of natural daylighting, with electric fixtures acting as supplemental lighting for evening use.

The recent renovation of the interior space acted as a sort of update to maintain pace with emerging technologies, while reinforcing the occupants’ inherent connection with nature through the soaring windows and curtain walls. Furnishings and finish selections reflect the original design intent of a positive work place and connection with nature.



The Northview Building is a 40,000 SF office building in the Summit East development, serving as the Tallahassee headquarters for First American Title Company.
Due to the fast-track nature of the project in collaboration with a construction manager, DodStone had to submit a foundation permit in two weeks, a shell building permit two weeks later, and a tenant buildout permit by the end of December. DodStone met every deliverable schedule set by the CM and the Owner. This project required close coordination between the CM contractor, Owner, and Tenant.


Red Cross

A gift from the Saudi Royal Family, The American Red Cross Capital Area Headquarters is a 21,000 SF building housing an Administrative wing, four large meeting rooms, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), a warehouse, and a kitchen.

Designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and other natural disasters, the building also doubles as a shelter for displaced residents. Structural and environmental systems were carefully developed to support the facility's various uses under multiple catastrophic conditions.


Renaissance Community Center

A project with significant community impact, the Renaissance Community Center is the manifestation of a belief in revitalization. Through the process of collaboration and a willingness to reimagine possibilities, the site was transformed from a dilapidated vacancy into a center for vital services, serving the city's homeless and underserved communities.

The design revolves around creating a bright, welcoming environment of color, texture, and daylight for the interior and exterior spaces. One particular area of focus was minimizing a feeling of enclosure, as studies have shown that daylight and open space assists in minimizing anxiety and other symptoms common to the communities served by the Center.

To achieve the goal of maximum daylight and open space, the design employed large window openings, transparent doorways, and ample outdoor spaces for clients and visitors. Soft pastel color tones and the presence of wood, a natural material, were among the finishes selected to further support the vision of the project.



Southview is an exploration on economy of resource and simplicity of construction. The building is essentially a steel warehouse disguised as corporate headquarters. With the main facade facing North, placement on the site was a key early step in design, as the terrain is generously sloped and flanked on two sides by nature conservation zones. To the east lies a designated urban forest, and to the north a grove of mature live oaks. Taking advantage of the significant views from the site, the building is elevated atop an engineered wall, placing its North wall of mostly glass at elevation with the tree canopy. Further capitalizing on the unique views, a large second floor exterior balcony space extrudes from an open-plan collaborative work space.
Due to its southern latitude, careful consideration was given to controlling the hot summer sun penetrating windows to the interior spaces. The North wall, which does not get direct sun, is mostly all glass, allowing ample amounts of natural light to flood the spaces within. The East side, which receives early direct sunlight, features one of two lobby spaces as well as a second floor conference room that floats outward from the building. This cantilevered conference room is slightly rotated from 90 degrees, further signaling arrivals of its importance within the building. In an exercise in economy of resource, the conference room doubles as the protective canopy for the lobby entrance below, accentuating the slightly recessed doorways leading into the building.


St. Peters Anglican Church

The first North American cathedral built in the past 50 years, St. Peter's sits perched near the crest of a grassy hillside clearing in NE Tallahassee, FL.

The design rests comfortably in the Collegiate Gothic building style, while relying heavily on traditional Anglican principles in layout and details. Pre-cast materials were chosen for the exterior cladding, harkening back to an old world aesthetic sensibility while at the same time implementing new technologies, materials, and methods of construction.
The interior features large exposed heavy timber beams, each custom made for the project. Authentic tongue and groove ceilings adorn the vaulted sanctuary, while rows of traditional wooden pews populate the open floor spaces.