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Elevator Modernization


Modular modernization is ideal if the overall condition of your elevator is still functional, but updating some systems would significantly improve its performance. Elevator modernizations allows one to benefit from the latest technology while improving safety, reliability, and accessibility. Our process minimizes disturbances for the building and its users.


Many of our elevator modernizations include cab renovations. Finishes are selected for both their durability and appearance. Interior cab renovations can include upgrades to: 

  • Ceiling Panels

  • Lighting

  • Buttons

  • Wall Panels

  • Handrails and Bumpers

  • Flooring

  • Doors


The hoisting unit is the part of your elevator that does the hard work. Replacing worn, outdated machinery is vital for maintaining safety and ride comfort.

Modernizing the power units and upgrading traction improves the performance of the elevator by reducing noise and vibration, improves the braking system for added safety, and provides more accurate floor leveling. 



Destination dispatch systems are designed to improve traffic flow in bustling buildings through advanced algorithms that optimize the flow of traffic within a multi-elevator building.


By grouping passengers who share similar destinations into the same elevator, destination dispatch systems reduce travel and wait times. Passengers request their desired floor by using a key pad or touch screen interface and are then directed to the elevator that will carry them to their desired floor.

Destination dispatch systems not only reduce wait and travel times, but also improve the efficiency of the entire elevator system by reducing the number of total trips, stops, and starts that consume the most energy.


Signage improves accessibility, safety, and convenience for passengers. 

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