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Tuscan Hill Private Residence

Tallahassee, Florida

Inspired by the clients’ penchant for entertaining guests, this Mediterranean-inspired home was designed more through the lens of a resort hotel than a typical single-family residence. High emphasis was placed on designing the flow through the home and relationships between indoor and outdoor spaces. At the heart of home lies ‘The Knuckle’, and circular space that connects main living, entertaining and outdoors, all while also housing a built-in dining vestibule with a large bank of windows.


Outdoor spaces flow seamlessly with indoor, being designed as extensions of the indoor living environment. Large openings of Nano-style doors allow the free movement of fresh air, sunlight, and human movement.


Architect: Dodstone Architects
Contractor: Lambert Construction

Interior Designer: Ashley Cortese

Completed: 2020

Square Feet: 7,200

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