Webster Residence 

Situated on a gently rolling hillside overlooking Lake Pisgah in the woods of Northeast Leon County, The Webster Residence presides within the landscape as a symbolic icon of historic regional vernacular. 


The design takes an ‘Additive’ approach, by defining the distinct living spaces as interconnected volumes. This idea lends itself back to a historic approach to home construction, where new spaces were added to a residence as a family grew and needs changed. Even with the nod to the historic, a distinctly modernist subtext permeates throughout the project. Clean, crisp lines and a minimalist approach to detailing emphasize the modernist mentality of Form Follows Function. The floor plan continues with this mindset, as the layout of spaces and movement through the home are clear and concise.


The project is slated to begin construction in 2018.  

Location: Tallahassee, FL
Year Completed: Construction begins 2018
Square Feet: 2,800
Webster House 3d Floorplan 2
Webster House 3D Floorplan
Webster Sketchy Front
Webster Building Section

Dodstone Architects | License #AR0015211

3011-1 Powell Road | Tallahassee, FL 32308


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