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Renaissance Community Center

Tallahassee, FL

A project with significant community impact, the Renaissance Community Center is the manifestation of a belief in revitalization. Through the process of collaboration and a willingness to reimagine possibilities, the site was transformed from a dilapidated vacancy into a center for vital services, serving the city's homeless and underserved communities.

The design revolves around creating a bright, welcoming environment of color, texture, and daylight for the interior and exterior spaces. One particular area of focus was minimizing a feeling of enclosure, as studies have shown that daylight and open space assists in minimizing anxiety and other symptoms common to the communities served by the Center.

To achieve the goal of maximum daylight and open space, the design employed large window openings, transparent doorways, and ample outdoor spaces for clients and visitors. Soft pastel color tones and the presence of wood, a natural material, were among the finishes selected to further support the vision of the project.



Square Feet:


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