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Tallahassee, FL

Southview is an exploration on economy of resource and simplicity of construction. The building is essentially a steel warehouse disguised as corporate headquarters. With the main facade facing North, placement on the site was a key early step in design, as the terrain is generously sloped and flanked on two sides by nature conservation zones. To the east lies a designated urban forest, and to the north a grove of mature live oaks. Taking advantage of the significant views from the site, the building is elevated atop an engineered wall, placing its North wall of mostly glass at elevation with the tree canopy. Further capitalizing on the unique views, a large second floor exterior balcony space extrudes from an open-plan collaborative work space.
Due to its southern latitude, careful consideration was given to controlling the hot summer sun penetrating windows to the interior spaces. The North wall, which does not get direct sun, is mostly all glass, allowing ample amounts of natural light to flood the spaces within. The East side, which receives early direct sunlight, features one of two lobby spaces as well as a second floor conference room that floats outward from the building. This cantilevered conference room is slightly rotated from 90 degrees, further signaling arrivals of its importance within the building. In an exercise in economy of resource, the conference room doubles as the protective canopy for the lobby entrance below, accentuating the slightly recessed doorways leading into the building.



Square Feet:


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