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What Is Design?

Design. What exactly is it? Is it a thing? How can you define what a design is?

Often times it's easy to call a piece of paper A DESIGN. You can see it, touch it, and hold it in your hand. It's a quantifiable mass that we can easily identify and categorize. But what if design was so much more than just simply lines on paper?

We believe that design is more. We believe that design is an action, and that the piece of paper at the end is merely evidence that design has happened. Design doesn't happen all at once. It's a process, one that happens over time as information is gathered and solutions are explored. Through the process of trial and error, discovery and innovation, design happens. And once that process has taken place, when the problems have been addressed and the various solutions are vetted, only then is there evidence that design has taken place.

"Design is a patient process of discovery." -JH

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